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Jeremy Bensette

My name is Jeremy Bensette and I am a resident expert birder and naturalist in the Point Pelee Birding Area in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Along with my eternal love for birds and wildlife, I find much enjoyment in sharing my passion and expertise with others. After guiding occasionally through a variety of organizations for several years and knowing that there is a need for a full-time guide in my home region, I made the PeleeBirding website as a way to share my knowledge and experiences with bird and wildlife lovers. If you would like to hear a bit more about me and my story, please continue reading! 

Jeremy pointing at migrating birds with a group of friends

Though I was born and raised here in Essex County and on occasion visited Point Pelee National Park, Canada’s top bird migration site, I spent my childhood unaware of the high quality wildlife that my home locality offered. I visited Point Pelee regularly while growing up, but did not even know that people bird watched as a hobby. I frequently walked the Marsh Boardwalk and De Laurier Trail with my grandparents, visited The Tip with my parents and brother, skated on the frozen marsh in the winter, and visited nearby Hillman Marsh too. When I was old enough to drive, I often visited the park to walk the trails with friends or to look for animals. I stumbled upon a few brightly coloured birds and owls on occasion, and so my life as a bird watcher began. 

Jeremy photographing a Purple Sandpiper

I took to birding like a duck takes to water, and it immediately engulfed my whole existence. I gave up my old hobbies, namely video games, and instead spent all of my free time outdoors looking for birds and wildlife. My first birding-related job was at none other than Pelee Wings Nature Store, where I worked with optics sales and kayak rentals for two summers between school years. Making friends with the local top birders, both through the store and in the field, helped a lot with inspiration, and presented unlimited opportunities to learn and improve my skills. Soon enough I was finding rare birds of my own and leading groups in the spring Festival of Birds in Point Pelee NP. Bird Studies Canada (now Birds Canada) hired me as a seasonal employee for Great Lakes Marsh Monitoring breeding surveys, and Vortex Optics Canada took me on as a member of their pro staff team. My adventures took me further and further across Ontario. Trips to the southern United States, Europe, and Central America further fueled my love for birds and wildlife.

In 2017 I took my birding to a level that very few birders find an opportunity to reach for… I did an all-out Big Year in my very large home province of Ontario. That means I took part in a 365-day series of bird-finding adventures, trying to see as many species as possible through the year. This included over 100,000 km of road travel, dozens of overnight drives across the province, and a roller-coaster of excitement and emotion. With much support from friends, family, and Ontario’s great birding community I set Ontario’s Big Year birding record with 346 species! Amazingly, I held that record until late 2022, and am glad to see that competitive title contested. 

After birding extensively at home and abroad for over a decade, I have established myself as a top birder in the world-class Point Pelee Birding Area. I am entering my tenth year of Marsh Monitoring breeding bird and amphibian survey work for Birds Canada, work part time as an ecologist for SLR Consulting, and have worked extensively in optics sales at local Pelee Wings Nature Store, where I have had a chance to familiarize myself with many popular optics used by birders and naturalists. I represented Vortex Optics in their Pro Staff/Ambassador team for seven years, and now represent Swarovski Optik North America as a Field Tech. 

My favourite places to bird are Hillman Marsh Conservation Area and The Tip of Point Pelee National Park, and my favourite bird species is Northern Shrike. If you see me around, say hi, and reach out through my Contact page anytime if you have questions!

Jeremy Bensette

Northern Shrike, my favourite

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What you see is what you get… Literally! There are so many exciting and beautiful things to see, and I can help you find them!

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I promise you a great time in Canada’s top birding area, with the best quality birding opportunities that my home patch has to offer.